audit / strategy / branding / logo / corporate identity / graphic design / interiror / lightning / navigation / equipment / merchandising / exterior / packaging / concept adaptation / digital solutions / implementation

retail chain concept
2011 - 2013

B-HYPER is a new concept for hypermarkets. It draws upon the experience of Scandinavian and Baltic countries for use elsewhere in Europe.

IGLOO was tasked with developing the brand, a logo and guidelines of its use, layouts of specific departments and interior design elements — a signage system, designs for the fresh produce, alcoholic beverages and promotion sales areas, and price labels. The first model store of this type was opened in the Lumini shopping centre in VaraĹždin, just outside the Croatian capital Zagreb. One hundred employees ensure the day-to-day operations of the 5,000-square-metre store that boasts an assortment of over 30,000 goods and serves 35,000 customers per  week.