audit / strategy / branding / logo / corporate identity / graphic design / interiror / lightning / navigation / equipment / merchandising / exterior / packaging / concept adaptation / digital solutions / implementation

confectionery shop
2012 - 2013

Riga may have a varied restaurant scene, but the vast majority of eateries use meaningless trademarks instead of brands with a story. Moreover, price competition has seen attention to flavours, service and attitude fall by the wayside. Individuality is missing — places with delicious food and ambience suggesting that everything has been prepared and adapted specifically with the customer in mind. Appetit is a buffet-style eatery and confectionery shop that offers sophisticated but available food choices. It presents a world of flavours in a modern and cosy interior. A clear and well-considered display of foods makes you want to buy more… Fine packaging, labels, cutlery, staff uniforms — all are carefully considered brand elements characteristic of Appetit only. Bon Appetit!